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Said information derived from the old French word informacion (in 1387) is taken from the Latin word meaning informationem "outline, concept, idea". Information is a noun meaning of informare activity in the "knowledge communicated".

Information is an important function to help reduce the anxiety a person. According Notoatmodjo (2008) that more and more Berita Terbaru  Hari Ini can affect or increase one's knowledge and the knowledge raises awareness that eventually someone will behave in accordance with their knowledge.

The ancient Greek word for form is μορφή (morphe; cf. morph) and also εἶδος (eidos) "idea, shape, set," said the latter is used in a technical sense by Plato's philosophical (and later Aristotle) ​​to indicate the identity of the ideal or essence of something (see Theory of forms). "Eidos" can also be associated with thought, proposition or even concept.
The term information

Many people use the term "information age", "information society," and information technology, in the field of information DP BBM Kangen science and computer science are often highlighted, but the word "information" is often used without careful consideration of the various meanings it has.
As sensory input

Often seen as a type of input information into an organism or system. Some important input to the function of organisms (eg, food) or system (energy) by itself. In bukunyaSensory Ecology, Dusenbery mention the causal input. Other inputs (information) are important only as they relate to causal inputs and can be used to predict the occurrence of a causal input at a later time (or possibly elsewhere).

Some information is important because of its association with other information should be no causal connection to the input. In practice, information is usually done by a weak stimulus to be detected by specialized sensory systems and amplified by energy input before they can function for the organism or system. For example, light is often a causal input to the plant, but to provide information to the animal. Reflected light colored flowers too weak to do much work photosynthesis, but the visual system of bees bee nervous system detects and uses the information to guide the bees to flowers, where bees to find nectar or pollen, which is the causal inputs, serve the function of nutrition.

Snake and Crocodile Biggest in the world

Crocodiles are large bodied reptiles that live in the water. Scientifically, crocodile covers all species Crocodylidae tribal members, including the crocodile tongs (Tomistoma schlegelii). However this name can also be worn loosely to refer to the 'crocodile' alligators, caimans and gavial; ie relatives crocodile different tribes.

Crocodiles generally inhabit freshwater habitats like rivers, lakes, swamps and other wetlands, but there also live in brackish water like estuarine crocodiles. Ular Terbesar di Dunia The main meal is the crocodile vertebrate animals like the fish, reptiles and mammals, sometimes also prey on molluscs and crustaceans depend on the species. Crocodiles are ancient animals, which only slightly changed due to the evolution since the age of dinosaurs.

Known also several regional names to refer to crocodiles, such as buhaya (Sd.); buhaya (BJN); aged or pickpocket (Jw.); bicokok (Btw.), bekatak, or aloe vera frogs to call smallish fat; False, crocodile jolong-jolong (Mly.), or crocodile Halfbeak to mention crocodile fish; crocodile pandanus, Buaya Terbesar di Dunia the crocodile greenish; copper alligator, crocodile brownish yellow; etc.
Map of the distribution of crocodiles

In English crocodile known as crocodile. The name is derived from the Greek for crocodile mention they have seen in the Nile, krokodilos; word formation rooted Kroko word, which means 'gravel', and deilos which means 'worm' or 'people'. They call it 'worm rocks' because watching habits of crocodiles basking on the banks of the river are rocky.

Pictures Animation DP BBM Latest Romance 2015

Set of terms in the fuel and abbreviations frequently used word in android and blackberry blackberry messenger. DP BBM Most users of new fuel may be unfamiliar with some of the abbreviations and terms are frequently used in the chat activity in the fuel. TC for example, terms and abbreviations have the meaning Test Contact TC, usually used people who want to check the contact bbm android / blackberry it is still actually listed in the contact bbm or has been deleted. DP BBM Cinta Or it could also be used for activities seek the attention of someone who is in contact bbm.

In addition to TC, there are dozens of terms and abbreviations pengting in fuel, one of the abbreviations or terms that are important in other fuel is DP that has meaning Display Picture.DP BBM Kangen display picture bbm or an image or photo to use in your profile. The second term is just a small part of a collection of terms in the fuel / abbreviation in blackberry messenger who might not know. Here's a list of important terms and abbreviations in fuel / blackberry messenger you need to know.

Download Images Animation DP BBM Romance Moving, funny and 2015. Animation Dp fuel Newest Newest Moving will discuss about fuel DP romantic image, which recently became a trending topic very end - the end. Given the large number of young people who are currently in the lovelorn. Especially at this time of the user's application of fuel continues to rise each day. That is because at this point the application of fuel is also present in android phone.

And therefore that on this occasion we will share a collection - a collection of animated dp bbm latest move about romantic love. Before you continue selecting DP, DP is the abbreviation of the word Display Picture the same function as an existing profile photo is on twitter or facebook. Only the application of fuel it is famous for the display picture. Surely collection will display the picture we share this time with the theme of love that is very fitting for those of you who are currently in a drunken romance. DP BBM Romantis Surely it can also make an appearance on bbm display your picture you more cool and can attract the attention of a friend - a friend you all. No need to elaborate further, and this collection displays a collection of picture / DP romantic fuel that we'll share to you all. Please choose below.

Figure DP BBM Newest

DP set of Animation Picture and Best New fuel. This best-selling application is snagat enjoyed by many users of Android smartphones, iOS and BlackBerry are BBM (BlackBerry Messenger). Obviously you will be required to have a lot of photos or pictures DP BBM Islami Bergerak would you display on your fuel account because basically this application is frequently act as a substitute for any time change dp. Either start of dp bbm moving, funny bbm dp, dp bbm cool, latest dp bbm everything will try to display them.

So, through this article we want to share the latest information that is of course mandatory for friends all know because we update a lot of unique dp bbm here. You can later mendapatka dp bbm for free anyway. Well, please refer to the following detailed information about DP BBM Lucu dan Gokil Pictures Animation Download Latest and Hottest more below:

Well, that's more or less like the most of our information about DP BBM Bergerak Image Info Latest fuel we can share to friends all. Please wait dp bbm other latest collection which will surely we updated every day. Thank you for stopping by here.

Biography Samuel Zylgwyn Complete Profile Photos and His religion

Zylgwyn Samuel (born in Jakarta, July 22, 1988, age 26 years) is an actor and model of Indonesia. This is bloody German actor 2nd child of the 3 children of the couple Rudolf Heckenbücker Freddy and Alice Genevieve Brugman.

His career started when he was offered by one of the scouts were asked specifically to him to follow the casting of a soap opera. But who would have thought, Sam or Mue, her nickname, they may reject the offer. Biodata Samuel Zylgwyn However, after the actor who was then still existed as a student, eventually changing the decision to take the offer to cast a soap opera. Soap opera star titled debut by starring opposite Alyssa Soebandono young artist.

Not only soap opera, a college student in Jakarta was also well known as a television movie star. Biodata Syahnaz Sadiqah Dozens of titles FTV has starred in many opponents play like Flower Zainal, Poppy Sofia, Bunga Citra Lestari, Kadek Devie, Tyas Mirasih and much more.

In addition to the soap opera and FTV, Favorite champion Aneka Yess 2005 models also later played in several films widescreen Indonesia.

The types of agate origin Indonesian region

Onyx or agate is now booming in the early 2015's. Now the Indonesian people's views about agate related to the mystical world, now has shifted and turned into a fashion and lifestyle trends. Batu Akik One place we can buy agate namely Jakarta Gems Center (JGC), Rawa Bening, East Jakarta. Some varieties of stone from Indonesia that was being hunted collector and enthusiast of jewelry with a price can reach tens or even hundreds of millions of dollars. Each agate has the characteristics and charm of each. Jenis Batu Akik In certain types, some have glass fibers and some are opaque gemstones such as diamonds or diamond manifold which has its own peculiarities. This stone is capable of dispersing the light. In order not to miss trendtidak hurt us to know about this agate.

Rock agate gemstone or that the term is classified as a semi-precious stone has a hardness of less than 7 mohs. Mosh scale is a measure of hardness which determines the crystallization of a precious stone. The most famous precious stones in the world of Diamond, Sapphire, Ruby, Emerald, Topaz, Amethyst, and Kalimaya.

Originally agate formation occurs through geological processes as well as other rocks, for example through the magma differentiation, metamorphosis, or sedimentation. In contrast to the diamond, Mengkilapkan Batu Akik agate rocks formed during hydrothermal solution because the closer the more it cools the surface. While walking to the top, he fills cracks and pores of the rock, and even filling fossil wood so petrified. Agate rocks formed by silica caps or hydrothermal solution, which is not too far from the surface. The temperature of approximately 300 degrees Celsius. Agate can be found in the mountains, the land, the river to the seaside.

Agate rock can be found in almost all parts of Indonesia. Of the 34 provinces in Indonesia, Jakarta only has no agate rocks. These stones have color, beautiful motifs and predicted in Indonesia there are approximately 20 different types of precious stones that can be found from Aceh to Lampung. Batu Akik Termahal In Aceh there indocrase stone or stones in green moss. There is also a stone from the area Dharmasraya Dareh River, West Sumatra. In Java from Banten, Garut, Purbalingga, Gombong, Winton especially in areas Kismantoro, Donorojo Pacitan to Terri East Java. Flat following type name agate stones from Indonesia are popular and expensive.

Agate dragon scales typical Enrekang

Agate dragon scales typical Enrekang, South Sulawesi, one of the rare species is the gold patterned stone dragon scales. including natural rock group noudles septarian it harder than other types of agate. Batu Bacan Palamea When grinded, this stone is very hard, like iron. Residents Enrekang, South Sulawesi, dragon scales suspect this new motif containing gold although not scientifically proven.

Agate Kalimaya

agate origin Maja Subdistrict, Lebak district has different characteristics with other rocks. Agate results 'fermentation' of this nature even worth about 2,500 dollars / rust and in the top 10 most expensive precious stones in the world. This stone is said that her real name is Maja time because the stone is in the river or in Maja.

Agate red Rafflesia

RAFLESIA red agate from Bengkulu. Red Rafflesia known several times won the contest agate archipelago to be the target and agate hunting enthusiasts. Rafflesia has a distinctive red color like rafflesia flower. There are also red.

Agate rings and wine bungur fire

Two agate is derived from star Cape, South Lampung, and Regency Way Kanan, Lampung. Both stone ring has its own characteristics. Stone bungur luminous color is clear, the stone is said to belong to the class of precious stones world level. Batu Kalimaya Stone bungur also recently has begun to be hard to find in nature. Above reason, stone ring South Lampung origin that have a special price. While the white stone fire wine. On the inside resembles an eggshell, and if exposed to light will look attractive flame.

Agate Turquoise Iron

Agate turquoise iron manifold Badr or by any other name commonly called Black and White Obsidian. Stones that have high levels of mineral hardness 4.5 mohs scale of this, is found in Ampana, Tojo Unauna by community Tadulako agate Gemstone Hammer. This stone has unique characteristics of various types of Badr agate can be found in several parts of the country, especially in Bacan. Batu Safir Its uniqueness look of fibers that is in stone, because raises a very distinctive pattern and when juxtaposed alongside the magnet will converge.

Natural jade gold

Natural jade gold from Aceh Gayo Land. This stone was found in an inland river the central highlands, Aceh. The dominant rock golden yellow. Natural jade gold with hardness levels above seven mohs scale this is one of the rare and unique stones, so naturally they're expensive.

Bacan stone

Bacan stone is a type of rock that is obtained from Bacan Island, South Halmahera, Maluku. Bacan stone has a variety of colors, and even the human body temperature could affect the beauty of the stone bacannya. Body temperature can affect the maturation process Bacan stone used, the more heat the body temperature, the more mature bacannya stone. Bacan rock fame making state officials such as President Barack Obama, Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono to the Sultan of Brunei to use stone Bacan. Batu Akik Sulaiman Price stones Bacan also have diverse values, even the price could reach hundreds of millions to billions.

Agate spritus

Agate type of blue sky, better known by the name spritus, are found in the region Ogan Ogan Ulu (OKU), South Sumatra. Rock types Balfour spritus origin is categorized as chalcedony. This stone is also known circuitry name Blue Sky. Local people know by the name "Stone Spiritus" because of the color blue as spirits, Batu Akik Terbaik dan Termahal which is used to light the fire. Although not in the top 10 famous precious stones in the world, but the scale mosh Blue Sky reached 7, exceeding Kalimaya and amethyst stones.

Green stone Garut

This stone comes from Garut, West Java in Mount Bungbulang. Garut rock with a distinctive green color unbeatable can emit bright light, when lit from under the ring. Fibers green stone that looked at the beautiful looks as if the clouds are stuck in the stone.

Korean Drama Most filming Begins

One of the authors of the legendary Hong brothers finally back after a Master's Sun this year. Agreeably titled Warm, Yoo Yeon Seok this time believed to be the main character.

Together Kang Sora this time they were filming at Gimpo airport. In the leaked photo can be seen how dazzling Yoo Yeon Seok with sunglasses, like airport fashion Korean artists.

In this story Warm Agreeably, Yoo Yeon Seok is a romantic guy who opens a restaurant called as the drama in Jeju. Film Drama Korea Terbaru While Kang Sora, only the girl who was hit by confusion after being fired from his job.

Kang Sora and Yoo Yeon Seok in Gimpo airport, but to go to Jeju they were filming tablets. © soompi
Kang Sora and Yoo Yeon Seok in Gimpo airport, but to go to Jeju they were filming tablets. © soompi

Therefore, he decided to fly to Jeju for a vacation. What's interesting about this drama, Hong brothers reportedly inspired by the story of an Ant and the Grasshoper tablets. So, it looks like the two main characters will compete as ants and grasshoppers tablets.

Is one of inspiration interesting is not it? In addition, the production staff also informed that the two artists with very polite to arrive on time and immediately introduced himself to each crew, as reported from soompi.

Kang Sora and Yoo Yeon Seok stay motivated shooting at the airport, despite having to spend 5 hours a day. Once completed, Film Indonesia Terbaru all of the staff and the artist rushes off to Jeju. Well, certainly very tiring deh. So more and can not wait to be the story of the ant and the grasshopper is deh.

Selling Price and All Things About Cats Angora

Turkish Angora (Turkish: Ankara kedisi, 'cat Ankara') or Senggora Turkey is one of the natural cat breeds are very old and quite rare. Kucing Anggora race comes from Angora (now Ankara) in Turkey this cat is very popular and famous in Indonesia.

Angora is a medium-bodied cat with long fur. His body is slim and slender, the original Race Angora cat has a considerable cost, which is about 4-15 million dollars. Meanwhile, Angora marriages with other cats can cost 200 thousand to 2.8 million dollars.

Angora who was in Ankara Zoo (January 2012). Angora is a natural cat who is very old, and probably the oldest in the world. This cat in Turkey are often associated with some of the myths and legends.

Many people are wrong about Angora. In about 250 years ago, every long-haired Persian cat called Angora cat breeds, which when it is Persian race. Kucing Persia At that time, a lot of cats, long-haired Angora around town and around the region of Persia (now Iran). At the same time, there is no difference at all between the long-haired cats living in Angora with that in Persian.

Angora cat is a race that is not known from where the origin of the formation. However there are some theories say that the Angora derived from a wild cat from Asia, namely Pallas cat. But this theory is still in doubt. Angora is also believed to have originated from the African wild cat, and maybe some crosses occur between Pallas cat with African wildcat resulting Angora cat.

Angora has been popular since the 16th century in Europe. Angora became popular when Pietro Delle, Italian nationals were brought race Angora into a castle in Italy. Angora is increasingly recognized in Europe, when the king Louis XV maintain an Angora in his palace.

While many European traders who do business in the middle east, cats originating from Turkey and Persia more on imports to Europe. Kelinci Anggora Group of long-haired cats are very popular when the contest was held in the UK cat began in 1870. Since the contest cat, genetic traits between races Persian Angora race began to develop into a more pure and specific.

In the 16th century, the Angora was first sold to rich people in France and England by the sultan of Turkey. Angora is believed to Europe in the early 1600s. In 1954, Angora is also first sold to the United States. And in 1996, Angora was first imported to Sweden from the Netherlands. In the same year the first Angora kittens born.

At the beginning of the 1900s, the Turkish government to cooperate with the Ankara Zoo (or Ankara Zoo) to conduct breeding program for Angora cats. The purpose of this program is to protect and preserve the pure white Angora cat races with different eye colors with next (blue and yellow). Gambar Kelinci Until now pengembiakan program is still running. Turkish people are very appreciative Angora cat, so at that time to get Angora Ankara Zoo is very difficult. But in 1962 an Army wife of Colonel Walter Grant who lived in Turkey named Liesa F. Grant managed to import a pair of Angora from Ankara to American Zoo.

Angora with white coat color was first recognized in 1968 by the registration organization cat named Cat Fanciers' Association (CFA). Since it was recognized, then since 1970 has Angora cat was organized an annual contest. Subsequently in 1976, Angora get a new class in the CFA, the class championship. But in 1978, only pure white Angora are recognized. Angora also been recognized by the organization registration cat named Fife in 1993.

Special Forces in the World

Elite special forces or forces a military unit formed to deal with issues in the military world khasus including terrorism, warfare, reconnaissance, hostage, and so forth. Usually every country has elite troops or special forces to defend the country.

Special forces troops is different from the usual, not haphazardly can be a special forces soldier. This is because a variety of exercises that are very hard, have a high failure rate and high ability individuals. Pasukan Elite Dunia Besides equipped with tactical ability, usually special forces are also equipped with highly sophisticated weaponry. No wonder many countries are creating khsusus forces to secure territory.

SAS (Special Air Service), UK

SAS (Special Air Service) is a British Crown elite troops who became one of the best in the world's elite troops. SAS (Special Air Service) equipped with advanced weaponry, and also close combat tactics. Kapal Perang Tercanggih Even they can fight in a very difficult though. Not all British soldiers easily into these special forces, military exercises due to very heavy and high capability. Only special troops to pass through various obstacles that can be a force SAS (Special Air Service) belongs to England. Read also Karaoke Application for PC

US Navy SEALs, United States

US Navy SEALs is a military unit of the United States that is known for its ability to handle a variety of khasus such as terrorism, reconnaissance, rescue hostages, and other khasus. In general, there is a special uniform that distinguishes US Navy SEALs with other forces. To get into the members of US Navy SEALs is not easy, need to pass through a variety of specialized training. Kapal Selam Terbesar Members of US Navy SEALs use military weaponry with advanced technology. One of the conduct of military operations in Pakistan, and also in Somalia, but three members of the US Navy SEALs were declared dead when rescue their captain when taken hostage.

Russian Spetsnaz, Russia

Russian Spetsnaz is Russia's elite forces to the worldwide famous. As with other elite troops trained guerrillas in the jungle. Russian Spetsnaz weapons with advanced technology as the main weapon. Do not miss too there are also techniques of survival in nature, and also martial bare hands. Training of Russian Spetsnaz very heavy, so it is not arbitrary army special forces this can be. These troops renowned to be one of the world's great elite troops.

Kopassus, Indonesia

Or Kopassus Special Forces Command is Indonesia's special forces. Actually in Indonesia not only has Kopassus but also has other special forces. Kopassus is recognized by the world as one of the best elite troops ever. Gambar Menara Eiffel Close combat ability, guerilla, hostage, and other khasus make Kopassus recognized his greatness. Special Forces soldier is identified by using a red beret.

Now that some of the Special Forces in the World, keep in mind there are many more other elite troops known and recognized by the world as MOSSAD which is the Israeli special forces, Special Military Unit Z belongs to Australia, and other forces.

Most Expensive Houses in the World and Ultimate

This is the most expensive and most luxurious houses in the world which is a dream home by having one of the most luxurious homes following a dream for everyone. Not just anyone can have a luxurious house, of course, they are great people who have a lot of money.
Most Expensive Houses in the World Ultimate and Home

Stately homes Luxury The Manor Los Angeles, California

Built in 1991 by Aaron Spelling, covers 58,000 square meters and has 123 rooms, bowling, fitness center, Rumah Termewah di Dunia swimming pool, tennis courts, movie theaters, and around the outskirts of the house for Spelling wife's wardrobe. Located in Los Angeles, California. Price tag of $ 150 million.

Home The Pinnacle

The house's most exclusive "Yellowstone Club" ski and golf community in Montana, this structure has 10 bedrooms, a fireplace in every bathroom and a unique chair lift directly from the back door close to the ski resort. This luxury home is owned by Tim Blixseth, the price of $ 155 million

Houses Franchuk Villa

Villa Victoria consists of five panels complete with marble floors and a basement swimming pool, this structure offers 21,000 square feet of living space with a ceiling height of 20 feet, sauna, gym, cinema, Kapal Pesiar Termewah dan Terbesar and the newsroom. Other features include a standard it is an emergency room that is present in almost every home millions of dollars. Located in Kensigton, London, England was purchased by Ukrainian businessman Elena Franchuk and is considered the most expensive house in the world in a single housing with a price of $ 161 million.

Luxury Magnificent house Hearst Mansion Beverly Hills, California

Built by newspaper tycoon William Randolph Hearst. Residing in Beverly Hills, California that includes 6 dwelling, 29 bedrooms, 3 swimming pools, a nightclub and a tow giant tower modeled after the church of Santa Maria Mayor Spain. Negara Terkorup di dunia This is where the 35th President of the United States John F. Kennedy spent his honeymoon and the current price of $ 165 million.

Magnificent house Ira-Rennert- (Fairfield-Pond)

The palace is equipped with a basketball court, bowling alley, two tennis courts, two squash courts and a luxurious bath for $ 150,000. Fairfield Pond is currently valued at $ 198 million.

Luxury Home Interior The penthouse at One Hyde Park

This luxury home price is $ 212 million held the 4th richest man in London. The building features bulletproof windows, iris scanners and "emergency room" for security purposes by the British SAS overseeing the entire building.

Henley Luxury Mansion house in Berkshire, England

The house is owned by Russian billionaire with a value of $ 218 million. Adjacent to the River Thames with stunning views, Manusia Purba has two golf courses, a security system, a helipad, a spa, and a home cinema. The structure of the 300-year old house over the various stories and haunting dark past to support all of them.

Luxury Homes With Swimming Pool Villa Leopolda

Built by King Leopold II of Belgium in 1902, with 19 bedrooms and 50 full-time gardeners. This spectacular home in France Reviera of 29.00 square meters have one of the best views on the south coast of France. Previously owned by the world's richest man Bill Gates, this work stands at staggering price of approximately $ 460 million in today's market.

Luxury home storey Antilla

It has set a record for the most expensive house in the world was founded in 2009 when India Mukesh Ambani miltibillionaire moved into their new home "Antilla" in Mumbai, India. Built according to Vaastu Shastra, modern palace of 570 meters, 27 floors with six floors of parking, soundness with jacuzzi, a gym, and "ice room", ballroom level, four-story garden and floor with a bedroom and bathroom is shared with staff around 600. Each floor is unique in its design looks like a different house with every level of the next house. The current price for this home stand at $ 1 billion.

Most Expensive Houses Luxury Gold Gold house

Currently rumored to be the most expensive house ever made cost more than $ 12.2 billion by King Stuart Hughes bling, is a house located in a secret location in Switzerland. Known as the world's first "House of Gold", with 200,000 kilograms of pure gold and platinum fixtures and fittings and a specially designed floor made of genuine meteorite with shavings of dinosaur T-Rex 65 million years old attached to each tile. Makanan Paling Enak Spacious 2,442 square meters, with a building area of ​​752 square meters to 338 square meters terrace, wine cellar measuring 25 square meters, 8 rooms and 4 car garage.

That's the most expensive house in the world's most luxurious homes at the same time and is a very stately homes and stunning. Is there a more expensive home than the 10 homes list above?

Profile Anna Karina Gilbert

Anna Karina Gilbert This is one of the artists that you can live here know where admin tabloid would convey a very complete profile once Anna Karina Gilbert who might you want to know my friend, Biodata Foto Anna Karina Gilbert as we will discuss very complete and thorough information about the Gilbert Anna Karina. And of course you'll know the profile, bio, photos, twitter, facebook and Instagram are very attached from Gilbert's Anna Karina. Make sure the fans will know everything and certainly very exciting really if the fans know about the artists he liked.

For in bio or profile we certainly would know about the real identity of the celebrity in question and this certainly very interesting to be in tahui by all of you. And you also find out about the full name, religion, hobbies, profession, Biodata Foto Roro Fitria as well as facebook, twitter, Instagram, mobile phone numbers embedded in the celebrity.

Certainly very really exciting for us to know about celebrity profiles in this one, we will always share with you all directly you can read and see the figure of the celebrity Anna Karina Gilbert more.

Profile Biography Anna Karina Gilbert

Name: Anna Karina Gilbert
Popular name: Anne Griffiths
Place, Date of Birth: Jakarta, December 20, 1993
Blood: mulatto, Indo American
Occupation: Artist

Biography Anna Karina Gilbert

Anna is mulatto. Native mother, father American. Anna's face is very sweet and beautiful. Because of that, he lined up as Nari Ruth. Nan protagonist gracefully. Who never dared to resist, even in people who menjahatinya. "At first I could the role of the antagonist," said Anna.

 "But that, Biodata Foto Ranti Maria because my face Such melancholy, replaced the protagonist," he added. Yes, silently, he prefers the role of antagonist fell into his hands. Dara was born in Jakarta, December 20, 1993 is reasonable, good men portray it much more difficult.

"What should make people sympathetic to the character. Can feel sorrow character. It is hard. Not to mention that there is a scene in tears. Most can not get me, me, "chirped Anna. "More tasty so antagonistic. Staying angry, right? Ha Ha Ha. "

However, Anna is still responsible as an actor Nari Ruth. Play the protagonist dijadikannya challenges that will further hone her acting skills.

Currently you have read about the profile of Anna Karina Gilbert presented above, hopefully the info that we convey to all of you can be useful for those who want to know the full profile celebrities. Biodata Foto Leon Dozan If you are wrong word, incomplete and we apologize sebesa posts as possible because man is always a lot of forgetfulness. Do not forget comenternya so that you can admin fix errors. Thank you very much for your visit yes.

Profile and Biodata Rizky Nazar

For soap opera fans certainly no stranger to the face handsome guy on this one, Rizky Nazar, a young and talented soap star, who is now acting eagerly awaited by fans in all corners of the country. Biodata Foto Rizky Nazar want to know the profile and Biodata Rizky Nazar? Consider just the following:

Rizky Nazar is one of Indonesian nationality talented young actor, who was born in Singaraja, Bali, March 7, 1996. He was the youngest of two brothers, born to Nasar Mubarak Basloom (father-Arab) and Ika Nugra Handani (Bali, Indonesia). Biodata Foto Ciccio Manassero has Arabic-Indonesian mixed blood and was born in Singaraja, but he grew up and settled in Jakarta. Rizky was educated in TKIT An Nur (2000-2002), the Global Islamic Elementary School (2002-2008), the Global Islamic Junior High School (2008-2011) and SMA Negeri 14 Jakarta (2011-2014). Rizky Nazar and currently in a relationship with a beautiful actress named Celia Thomas.

Rizky Nazar began his career in the entertainment world Indonesia, with a role in a soap opera titled Love Bersemi in White Grey The Series and serves as Alex. Although he was only 17 years old, Biodata Foto Ochi Rosdiana but his acting skills admirable, again supported by handsome face and the ideal posture with height 178 cm, so he ogled and get a lot of offers to play in different titles and Soap operas FTV.

As an actor, Rizky Naszar has starred in many television movie, like Love Girls High School (2012), Love Bersemi in White Grey Part I, II and III, Pursuing 1 Love Among 9 Cherrybelle, Wasiat Love Grandmother Princess, Always Wanted With You (2013 ), When You Say I Love You, In Between Love Stars, Berita Artis and When Jody Meet Joki. Rizky also plays a role in a feature film titled "2014".

As a soap star, Rizky has starred in soap operas, among others:

    Love Bersemi in White Grey The Series (2012) as Alex
    Super ABG as Tristan
    Pesantren & Rock n 'Roll Season 3 (2013) as Rev. Dawn Junior
    Suddenly Love (2014) as Alex

Biodata Rizky Nazar:

Full name: Rizky Nazar Mubarak Basloom
Famous names: Rizky Nazar
Born: March 7, 1996 in Singaraja, Bali, Indonesia
Occupation: actor
Girlfriend: Celia Thomas

Soap Opera 7 Human Tigers players RCTI

7 Human Tigers are soap operas aired SinemArt RCTI. This soap opera adaptation of the novel series The Seven Human Tigers Boesje Motinggo work. Pemain Film 7 Manusia Harimau In 1986, the first volume of the novel has been adapted into a film 7 Human Tigers. This soap opera aired by RCTI every day at 20:15 to 22:00 pm

Gumara is a teacher who asked to services to be transferred to a village in Bengkulu. Wood is currently in District Five, she felt the air and a natural fit with its habitat. According to his grandmother, Sinetron 7 Manusia Harimau it was the birthplace of his father, who named Peto Nature. Due threatened, mother and grandmother took him away from the village Kumayan which is a village in the district of Lima Wood is always a mist, fog mist mountains mystery difficult once accepted logic. Kumayan neighboring villagers gave a very sinister nickname for the village, which is "shed black magic". There sits the man who has actual knowledge tiger to keep their vast coffee plantations from thieves who fear that disturbances seen a tiger. His father and mother is the third offspring of human tiger, and he is a descendant of the fourth. He thinks it's just a myth.

Once the bus that drove him, the neighborhood already deserted. The moment was walking, he met Yunus who was riding a motorcycle. Jonah was a school janitor place will be on duty, and drove him to the home office. Not long ago, when he got in his house, he asks Karat Lebai home to Jonah. From the school's janitor, he was informed about the Village Kumayan. At that moment, someone eavesdropping from behind the windows of the house.

Not too long after Jonah was gone, suddenly he heard the sound of a tiger and saw a huge tiger slipped into the bushes next to his house. Pemain 7 Manusia Harimau The incident made him curious, and she took a flashlight out of the house. Some trials he encountered on the way, of a girl who asks for help, until his encounter with Humbalang which also turned out to be human descendants of tigers. Turns Lebai Karat did not like the presence of himself, even had to be attacked. Fortunately the girl named Karina Lebai Karat directly remind Lebai Karat. Natural Peto Gumara go home with a feeling of surprise and a little scared.

Many new things are Gumara encountered in his new environment, ranging from disturbances in his house, even he had had to go to jail, accused of murder, hit teluh, to the attention of the human lineage tigers such as Lebai Rust, White Grey, Rajo sky, and Humbalang. They began to suspect that human Gumara tiger is the seventh which they wait to enhance their group. Gestures Gumara very concerned, Berita Artis Indonesia Hari Ini because if he refused the group then his life could be threatened. Not only that, Gumara should also be faced with two beautiful girls, Karina and Pitaloka. They are descendants of humans tiger, then both have magic and clever. They both also attended a teaching Gumara.

Gumara involved more deeply in Kumayan environment. At first he just wanted to be a teacher of physics and mathematics as well as get to know the life history of his family pedigree, but it turns out its presence in the village Kumayan cause ongoing crisis.

7 Man legend Tiger

7 People Tiger Legend Of Mana? Padang or Bengkulu? - I'm smitten with the soap opera, basically I do not really like to watch soap operas because less exciting and more negative than the positive side.

One private television station launched a new soap opera nuanced game and there was a tiger-tiger, Lagu 7 Manusia Harimau RCTI first I was not too interested in soap operas and advertisements 7 human tiger I have often ignored because of the soap opera in my brain is not the same as the most qualified tv soap opera next to the wolf or may be more severe as the soap opera dragon fly.

But on one occasion I saw Billy Chong cast roar and dust CMIWW participate Bernain here, curiosity arises, Legenda 7 Manusia Harimau according to this soap opera promo raise the local culture and society based on the legend of the archipelago.

After watching the premiere episode attracted me to follow how the continuation of seven human tiger, is different and very strong cultural element here.

Then the question arose in my mind, namely the Human Tigers 7 Legend of Mana? Padang or Bengkulu? judging from some of the characters names like Rajo sky, Datuk Lebai rust I think this is the story of the people of Padang, West Sumatra in general, the initial allegation is based on the martial arts of West Sumatra tigers, Pacar Lee Min Ho tigers may be the story of this man is the forerunner of the martial arts quite famous. Besides the name of the village and hills in the language kumayan if it is minang kumayan designation of incense.

After participating in several episodes ranging told, the Pitaloka invited by Kaur district education offices to follow the mathematical olympiad level Bengkulu province, nah ... lhoo .. in this episode I started unbreakable assumptions about the folklore of which are raised in this soap opera 7 human tiger , Artis Korea Yes maybe this is your day 7 Human folklore of Bengkulu, but I have never heard before, or maybe I was less update times ... hehehe

Perhaps you are reading this article can give you an answer about 7 Man Tiger Legend Of Mana? Padang or Bengkulu? frankly I am still confused because in terms of background music using musical nuance Minang lot.

This is the Islamic Korea List of Artists

One interesting thing to be known by the Indonesian teenager is news about Korean artists Islam. Why is that? Artis Korea Beragama Islam Everything must still remember the booming Bollywood film in Indonesia. At that time, everyone was questioning anyone Bollywood artists are Moslem. Until finally answered very easily, which is informed of the name 'Khan' which is attached behind the name of the artist. Call it, Sharukh Khan, Salman Khan, and others. The names of these artists was like a rocket in Indonesia. Easy to remember and the more flattered.
This is the Islamic Korea List of Artists

It is undeniable that the Indonesian people are very sensitive to matters relating to religion. Events on Islamic religious idol became one of the proofs that. Foto Artis Korea Other evidence is the film's success at the Indonesian Islamic nuances that beat films dengen horror genre. Regardless of these facts, this article is not currently intend to offend religious differences, alienating or raising one. This article is only intended to inform about the Korean artist Moslem. Here is the data collected by the focus of women.

1. Lee Woon Jae

His name might not be familiar in the ears of Indonesian teenagers because of his role not as one of the Korean artists Islam. Biodata Foto Song Hye Kyo is a goalkeeper in South Korea. This time he was already entered 41 years and retired from his career playing football, he retired after playing against Nigeria in 2010.

The last man play with Chunnam Dragons and had represented South Korea in the 2010 World Cup as a keeper. Not only that, the man born 26 April was also defending his homeland South Korea in the World Cup in 1994, 2002, until 2006. What is unique, is certainly a man of Muslim people in Korea. Lee Woon Jae embraced Islam in 2004, he became the only footballer who follow the Islamic religion at the time of the World Cup in 2010 (in the team).

2. Jung Il Woo

Super handsome actor drama which is rumored to be a convert since starred in the Korean drama titled Flower Boy of The Ramyun Shop. In this drama, Jung Il Woo plays as a Muslim and is considered to have a mature character in the role. Although it is not clear truth, the fans in Indonesia still idolize.

3. Lee Ki Woo

Together with Jung Il Woo starring Flower Boy of The Ramyun Shop makes it reportedly embraced Islam. Biodata Foto Jung Yong Hwa It is becoming a hot debate in the Korean media. Even rumored that Lee Ki Woo has confirmed his Islam.

4. Han Ga In

Another Islamic Korean artist Han Ga In. Girl born February 25, 1982 is reportedly converted to Islam after no one knew that he was fasting. However, there are a number of parties also say that Ga In fasted only to diet. Mazy this news is still not received an answer from the owner.

5. Jang Geun Suk

Korean man was reportedly converted to Islam in 2007. His career skyrocketed after starring Pretty Man. About his Islam, Biodata Foto Lee Hong Ki no one has given a definitive answer to that. However, many fans believe that a man who has a handsome face is already becoming Muslim.

Thus five Korean artists Islam can be described this time. After all, religion is something very personal and concerned into relationship with God.

National Hero of Indonesia

Adjeng Raden Kartini (born in Jepara, Central Java, 21 April 1879 - died in Rembang, Central Java, September 17, 1904 at the age of 25 years) or actually more accurately called Raden Ayu Kartini was a prominent Javanese and Indonesian National Hero. Kartini is known as the pioneer of the revival of indigenous women.

Raden Kartini Adjeng from among the gentry or nobility of Java classes. She was the daughter of Raden Mas Duke Ario Sosroningrat, Biografi ra Kartini a governor who was appointed regent of Jepara Kartini was born soon after. Kartini was the daughter of the first wife, but not the main wife. His mother named M.A. Ngasirah, daughter of Haji Nyai Siti Aminah and Kyai Haji Madirono, a religious teacher in Telukawur, Jepara.Dari his father's side, Kartini lineage can be traced to Hamengkubuwana VI. Regent Sosroningrat lineage can be traced back even to the palace of the kingdom of Majapahit. Since Prince Dangirin became regent Surabaya in the 18th century, the ancestors of Sosroningrat fill many key positions in Pangreh Praja.

Kartini's father was originally a district officer in Mayong. Colonial rule then requires a regent married to a nobleman. Because M.A. Ngasirah not the high nobility, the father remarried with Raden Adjeng Woerjan (Moerjam), Biografi Megawati a direct descendant of King Madura. After the marriage, the Kartini's father was appointed as regent in Jepara replace the position of the biological father of RA Woerjan, R.A.A. Tjitrowikromo.

Kartini was the 5th child of 11 siblings and stepfather. Of all siblings, Kartini is the eldest daughter. His grandfather, Prince Ario Tjondronegoro IV, was appointed regent at the age of 25 years and was known in the mid-19th century as one of the first district that gave Western education to their children. Kartini's brother, Sosrokartono, a very intelligent man in the field of language. Until the age of 12 years, Kartini allowed to attend school in the ELS (Europese Lagere School). Biografi Jokowi Here, among others, Kartini learn the Dutch language. But after age 12, he had to stay at home because they can be secluded.

Because Kartini could speak Dutch, then at home he began to study himself and writing letters to friends correspondence originating from the Netherlands. One is Rosa Abendanon that much support. Of books, newspapers, and magazines Europe, Kartini interested in the progress of European women think. Arise desire to promote indigenous women, because he saw that indigenous women are at low social status. Kartini and her husband, R.M.A.A. Singgih Djojo Adhiningrat (1903).

Kartini read a lot Semarang newspaper De Locomotief who nurtured Pieter Brooshooft, he also received leestrommel (package bookstore magazine circulated to the subscription). Among them there is a magazine of culture and science is quite heavy, there is also a Dutch women's magazine De Hollandsche Lelie. Kartini was then several times to send his writings and published in De Hollandsche Lelie. From her letters seemed Kartini read everything attentively, while making notes. Biografi ir Soekarno Sometimes Kartini mention one essay or quote a few sentences. His attention was not solely about the emancipation of women, but also the common social problems. Kartini saw the struggle of women to gain freedom, autonomy and legal equality as part of a broader movement. Among the books read Kartini before the age of 20, there is the title of Max Havelaar and Love Letters Multatuli, who in November 1901 has been read twice. Then De Stille Kraacht (Magical Power) by Louis Coperus. Then the work of Van Eeden, works Augusta de Witt were mediocre, roman-feminist work Goekoop de-Jong Mrs. Van Beek and an anti-war novel written by Berta Von Suttner, Die Waffen Nieder (Put Weapons). All of them speak Dutch.

By her parents, Kartini was married to the regents ordered Apex, KRM Duke Ario Singgih Djojo Adhiningrat, who already had three wives. Kartini was married on November 12, 1903. Her husband understood Kartini desire and Kartini given the freedom to establish schools and supported women in the east gate Apex district office complex, or in a building that is now used as a Scout Building. Kartini Schools (Kartinischool), 1918.

The first and last child at the same time, Soesalit Djojoadhiningrat, born on September 13, 1904. A few days later, September 17, 1904, Kartini died at the age of 25 years. Kartini was buried in the village of Bulu, District Feather, Apex.

Thanks to his perseverance Kartini, then founded the School Women by Kartini Foundation in Semarang in 1912, and then in Surabaya, Yogyakarta, Malang, Madiun, Cirebon and other areas. The school's name is "Kartini Schools". Kartini Foundation was founded by the family Van Deventer, a figure the Ethical Policy.

After Kartini died, Mr. J.H. Abendanon collect and record the letters RA Kartini had sent to his friends in Europe. Abendanon then served as Minister of Culture, Religion, and Crafts Dutch East Indies. Biografi Ki Hajar Dewantara The book is titled Door Duisternis tot Licht which literally means "From Darkness Into Light". Kartini's book of letters was published in 1911. This book is printed five times, and at last there is an additional mold Kartini's letters.

In 1922, Balai Pustaka published in Malay with a title that translates to Out of Darkness to Light: Boeah Mind, which is a translation by the Four Brothers. Then in 1938, out Out of Darkness to Light version Pane Armijn New Poet poet. Armijn divided the book into five chapters discussion to show changes all the time thinking Kartini correspondence. This version was printed as many as eleven times. Pahlawan Nasional Kartini's letters in English has also been translated by Agnes L. Symmers. In addition, Kartini's letters also been translated into languages ​​Javanese and Sundanese.

Publication of Kartini's letters, a native woman, very interesting Dutch society, and Kartini's ideas began to change the view of Dutch society against indigenous women in Java. Kartini's thoughts contained in his letters was also the inspiration for figures of national revival Indonesia, among others, WR Soepratman who created a song called Ibu Kita Kartini.

Ramadan fasting is prescribed to Mankind

Similarly, a few verses later, God Almighty mentions in this noble verse that He has required fasting on these people as they have Allah Almighty enjoined upon peoples before. Lafadz (كتب) in the above verse means (فرض) [required]. Pengertian Puasa Ramadhan Fasting is prescribed for this people, and also people of previous generations.

Some scholars say about the interpretation of the verse, "The fast required for the prophet and for their people, since Adam until the end of time." God says that is because something heavy to be done, it will feel easier and more soothing to the soul of man if done by many people. Therefore, fasting is prescribed for all mankind, though different procedures and implementation time.

Sa'id bin Jubair said, "In the past, fasting is prescribed for people before we are out of time 'atamah (the time of prayer' Isha) until the next night, as in the early days of Islam."

Al-Hasan said, "The first Ramadan fasting is obligatory upon the Jews. However, they left and fasting on the day of the year and thought that it was the day sinking Pharaoh. Yet they lie in it, because the (sinking Pharaoh) is the day of 'Ashura (9th Dzulhijjah) (so fast that they do not substitute the obligation of fasting that God enjoined them, pen.). Fasting is also required on the Christian celebration, and it lasts a long time. Until one day, Ramadan when it coincides with the very hot weather. Niat Puasa Ramadhan Fasting when it causes them to get in trouble while traveling or even while making a living. Finally, the Christian scholars have agreed to back the patent-fasting month between winter and summer. The choice fell on the spring. Finally, fasting in Ramadan was moved to the spring so that the time the patent and do not move the season. As they shift in the implementation of obligatory fasting, they said, 'Add fasting for ten days as kaffarah or a sin because it has shifted the month of fasting'. "

The lesson is for the stages in order shari'ah and gentleness towards mankind. When they have not been accustomed to fast, if directly required to fast from the start, then it would incriminate them. Therefore, they may choose in advance between fasting or paying fidyah. Then when they've gained confidence, their souls are ready, and are accustomed to fast, then it is obligatory for them to fast (no other choice). Dp bbm Puasa Ramadhan Thus Islamic law more severe such, will be prescribed gradually (tadarruj).

But its true that the verse (on option to fast or pay fidyah) removed only for those able to fast. As for those who are unable to fast, because the elderly or sick who are not expected to cure, then the clause is still valid (not deleted) for them. They should breaking (not fast) and feed one poor person for each day left. And they are not required clicking qodho '(debt) fasting.

Ramadan fasting is required in the second year of Hijra and the Prophet sallallaahu 'alaihi wa sallam fasted during Ramadan nine times. So be fasting of Ramadan as an obligation and one of the pillars of Islam. Anyone who deny the obligatory fasting of Ramadan, then he has infidels. Those who do not fast without udzur, and he recognizes the obligation of fasting, then he has done a very great sin and must get punishment. Similarly obliged him to repent and clicking qodho 'day left.

Idul Fitri 1436 H in this year (2015) Differences Again

Eid al-Fitr or the 1st of Shawwal 1436 H potentially concurrently. The position of the new moon or crescent on the 29th of Ramadan at the time of the new moon of the year held rukyatul very thin so kemunginan unsuccessful visits. DP BBM Selamat Hari Raya Idul Fitri 2015 So Determination Lebaran or Idul Fitri 2015 potentially different between the Muslim community organizations are one and the other as well as with the government. Therefore, the difference in the criteria on 1st Shawwal 1436 Hijri between each of these organizations.

Based on astronomical reckoning or calculation, 29 Ramadan coincided on July 16, 2105, so that 1 Shawwal or Eid on July 17, 2015. However, according to the method rukyatul hilal or observations on the crescent, less likely to be seen on the moon July 16, 2105, so the age of Ramadan must be fulfilled to 30 days. That is, 1 Shawwal expected to be set at July 18, 2015.

In addition, the Secretary of the Standing Committee Falakiyah NU Board of Nahari Musleh said, the position of the new moon or crescent on the 29th of Ramadan when held rukyatul hilal (crescent observation of the young), this year is very thin. So kemunginan unsuccessful visits.
"The position of the new moon is very thin, only three degrees. So there are different potentials. Very hard to do rukyatul hilal at that position. Kata-kata Ucapan Selamat Hari Lebaran Idul Fitri 2015 While that is based on the reckoning (count), setting different standards, such as between Muhammadiyah and Persis, "he said.

Differences in determining the start of Ramadan or Eid occurs because the inequality methods and criteria.

    NU using two methods, namely reckoning (mathematical and astronomical calculations) and rukyat (observations on the crescent moon or new moon).
    Meanwhile, Muhammadiyah apply reckoning method alone.
    EXACTLY applying the method Hisab and Rukyat

For NU, the age of the month has been confirmed by the method of reckoning. But, as instructed Hadith, calculations based reckoning must be proved empirically, namely direct view sighting the Moon. Therefore, the Moon could have been invisible because it was blocked, for example, cloud or still too low to be seen.

While Muhammadiyah believe that the beginning of Ramadan or Eid reasonably determined by reckoning, no need rukyat. Due to the development of astronomical science and technology at the moment is very good.

In addition to differences in the method of use, there are also differences in the criteria imkanur rukyat or consider the possibility of sighting the new moon. Imkanur rukyat intended to bridge rukyat method and the method of reckoning.

As is known, the Muhammadiyah has decided that the 1st of Shawwal 1436 H (Lebaran 2015) falls on a Friday, July 17, 2015. Thus, the month of Ramadan this year is only 29 days. While NU, as usual, Selamat Hari Raya Idul Fitri basing the determination on rukyatul 1st Shawwal moon. So even in calendar NU unfounded count 1 Shawwal 1436 H falls on July 17, but not necessarily the date set as the day of Eid.

There is a possibility to fulfill NU Ramadan 30 days if the team rukyat distributed in several areas did not manage to see the new moon. In Indonesia, the difference Eid al-Fitr has happened several times, but did not cause turmoil in society.

Places in Padang who Mandatory Visited

Padang is the capital city of West Sumatra province. The town is famous for its legend of Malin Kundang and Siti Nurbaya is directly adjacent to the sea and the hills, so that it automatically has a variety of interesting sights. What are the tourist attractions in Padang that visited Mandatory?

Waterfall Three Levels

Located in the village of Cendikar, Niagara Three Levels is one of the tourist attractions in Padang most mysterious. Why do I say mysterious? The answer is because not many people know about the nature of this place, not much information was also circulated about Niagara Three Levels. Tempat Wisata di Padang Why is called the Waterfall Three Levels? Because of this waterfall is three stories high, not everyone will be able to enjoy all three levels, because the journey to the third level pretty heavy, had to crawl because of slippery and steep. Waterfall Three Levels are very suitable sites for nature and adventure enthusiasts.

Museum Adityawarman

Adityawarman Museum is the most famous museum in the city of Padang. Museum was built in 1974 is in addition to already become an icon of Padang, also has become one of the tourist attractions in Padang which must be visited. Briefly, Adityawarman Museum Taman Mini is its city of Padang. Tempat Wisata di Surabaya Museum located on the land area of ​​2.6 hectares, this is the place to store and maintain various types of historical objects city of Padang, in order to preserve the distinctive culture of the city of Padang to children and grandchildren.

Air Manis Beach

AIE beach Manih or familiarly known as Sweet Water Beach is one of the tourist attractions in Padang the most famous. This beach is famous for its legend of Malin Kundang and trusted as proof that the legend is real. Malin Kundang itself tells the story about a child who does not recognize his own mother after he became a wealthy man. Then Malin Kundang condemned to stone, and the stone is in the AIE Beach Manih (Sweet Water Beach). As well as the stone Malin Kundang, this beach also offers beautiful scenery with Mount Padang as the backdrop, as well as the wave that is safe for beach tourism.

Nirwana Beach

Nirwana beach is located approximately 14 KM south of the city of Padang. The beach is located not far from the Port of Bayur bay is one of the tourist attractions in Padang most preferred because of the easy access and the distance is not far away and offered fresh atmosphere. Tempat Wisata di Lembang The best time to visit is the Nirvana Beach in the afternoon, because then you will be able to enjoy the beautiful sunset, then continued with a view of the spotlight from the Gulf Harbour Bayur.

Sand Beach Jambak

Is located 17 KM from the city of Padang, Jambak Sand Beach is one of the tourist attractions in Padang are most preferred by young people because it offers a panorama so beautiful and romantic, especially at sunset. It only takes about 30 minutes by motor vehicle, Jambak Sand Beach is a favorite of the people of Padang who want to find peace of mind.

Miniature Makkah

Miniature Makkah, as the name suggests, is a religious tourist attraction located in Lubuk Minturun. Tourist attraction built in 2010, this is fairly new, but now has become one of the tourist attractions in Padang most unique because it is really similar to the original. Tempat Wisata di Solo Miniature Makkah is also often used to practice for those who will go to the holy land. Moreover, here you can also see some species such as camel, fish, and snakes.

Places in Central Java Should Visited

Central Java is a province located in the central part of Java Island. Because of its location in the middle, the province is often used as a resting place for people who travel from West Java to East Java. Tempat Wisata di jawa Tengah Province which is the center of Javanese culture also has many interesting sights. What are the tourist attractions in Central Java that should be visited?

Dieng Plateau

Located about 30 KM from Wonosobo, Dieng Plateau is a region that has a giant volcano crater and several ancient Hindu temples. Because it is located at an altitude of 2,000 meters, the Dieng Plateau has extremely cold temperatures. During the day, temperatures can reach 15 degrees Celsius and 10 degrees Celsius at night. Dieng Plateau is managed as a tourist attraction in Central Java jointly by Wonosobo and Banjarnegara.

Parks Hot Water Jar

Hot Water Jar park located in Tegal, Central Java. To be able to reach the location of the Park Hot Water Jar, you must drive to the south in the distance sektiar 40 KM from the town of Tegal, or about 30 KM from Slawi. Tempat Wisata di Medan As well as tourist attractions are other natural hot water, hot water in the Park Hot Water Jar is located at the foot of Mount Slamet is also believed to cure various diseases. Tourist facilities located in the tourist area covering 210 hectares, this is a heated swimming pool, jungle tours, lodging, campsite, up to the tennis courts and football pitches.


Karimun islands located in the northern city of Jepara and Semarang. The archipelago consists of 27 islands, of which only five are inhabited islands. Karimun Islands is one of the tourist attractions in Central Java is most famous for the beauty of the sea and the beach offers. In addition to beaches, you can also play with turtles and sharks in Karimunjawa. To be able to visit this tourist area, you should pay attention to the good ship schedule, do not miss it!

Borobudur temple

Borobudur is a tourist place in Central Java, the most widely visited by tourists from around the world. Borobudur is the largest Buddhist temple in the world that attracted a lot of tourists who are interested in cultural tourism and religious tourism. Located approximately 40 km to the northwest of Yogyakarta, Borobudur has a collection of Buddhist reliefs of the most complete in the world. Tempat Wisata di Jogja Borobudur is a miniature model of the universe and was built in 770 AD as a place of worship and venerate the Buddha.

Ambarawa Railway Museum

Ambarawa Railway Museum is located in the center of Ambarawa, some 20 kilometers from Semarang. Before switching functions into a museum, Ambarawa Railway Museum was once a railway station that debuted in the past. As the name implies, Ambarawa Railway Museum has a unique collection of trains and complete of which 21 steam trains, the Morse telegraph apparatus, antique phones, antique furniture, and antique bell. The pride of the collection belonging to Ambarawa Railway Museum is a steam train serrated there are only 3 in the whole world.

Marina beach

Marina beach is bukanlan Beach Marina in Batam, but Marina Beach in Semarang. Marina beach is one of the tourist attractions in Central Java is the most visited by local tourists because only a few hundred meters away from the International Airport in Semarang, namely Ahmad Yani Airport. Tempat Wisata di Semarang The Marina beach you can play boat, fishing, racing car toy, swim, to stroll in the gardens dragon fruit.

Puri Maerokoco

What it Puri Maerokoco? Maerokoco castle is a mini park in Central Java version that is located in Semarang. Now it Puri Maerokoco has become a tourist place which has the values ​​of education and culture, so many parents who bring their children to this place. Puri Maerokoco also often touted as an easy way around the central Java because it displays a variety of traditional houses from all parts of Central Java. In addition to custom homes, Puri Maerokoco also has tourist facilities such as a fishing pond, water bikes, trains, floating markets, Ferris wheel, boats, and others. Maerokoco castle is open from 8 am to 6 pm with tickets costing 10,000 rupees.

Tourism in Indonesia four Mandatory Visited

Already as far as what you roam Indonesia? You prefer to holiday abroad or traveling around their own country? From Sabang to Merauke, Indonesia like a tapestry with a stretch of outstanding natural beauty. Tempat Wisata di Indonesia Ranging from natural resources under the sea to mountain ranges, Indonesia is the champion. Like the beach? Indonesia has a row of beach that will not run out to explore. Like a mountain? Indonesia has a waiting list for immediate mountains you climb.

Not only abundant natural wealth, in Indonesian culture is very diverse. Each region has a distinctive culture that make this country more colorful. Still dubious wealth of their own country? The following summary of 10 attractions in Indonesia that you must visit:

Komodo Island Pink Beach

The island of Komodo in the Komodo National Park along with other islands around the islands of Nusa Tenggara. In 1986, UNESCO set sights on Indonesia as one of the world heritage site. Tempat Wisata di Yogyakarta The island is considered as the Komodo dragon habitat must be protected. One of the highest honors that were achieved were successfully entered the ranks of the world's seven natural miracles or better known as the New Seven Wonders of Nature in 2011.

These attractions offer the natural beauty of the land and under the sea that is remarkable. There are many things you can do here, from trekking, diving to snorkerling.

For trekking, you can explore the island with a group and a ranger or guide. On the way, you can find dragons who are hunting prey or resting. Ranger will equip you with a forked stick that ends. These sticks are believed to weaken the dragons when these animals began to attack. By pressing the neck dragons using the tip of the forked stick, will instantly tame this beast. It is important for you to keep every movement when walking because these animals are very sensitive to sudden movement.

Diving and snorkeling in the waters of Komodo Island no less exciting. This tourist spot is also known by the natural beauty of the underwater and become one of the favorite dive sites. Tempat Wisata di Lombok Another interesting feature is the presence or Pink Beach Pink Beach. This beach is one of the seven beaches in the world that has a reddish-colored sand. This color is probably derived from coral fragments were crushed and mixed with sand along the beach. When exposed to the waves, the red color has become increasingly apparent due to damp.

Gili Lombok

Gili Trio are three beautiful islands in Lombok. The other three islands between Gili Trawangan, Gili Meno and Gili Air. All three are not only known by domestic tourists, but also has succeeded in attracting more foreign tourists to come.

Of the three islands, Gili Trawangan is arguably the most popular. In addition to its larger size than the other islands, here also has established many entertainment venues such as bars and cafes. There are many activities you can do in these places ranging from sunbathing, diving to snorkeling. Even more fun, you can also rent a bike or ride cidomo, a kind of wagon train horses, to get around the island.

Although Gili Trawangan more visited, but Gili Meno and Gili Air is not less interesting. Both islands also has a beautiful beach and underwater world waiting for you to explore. Both were relatively quiet atmosphere and quiet so suitable for you who really want to escape from the crowds.

Raja Ampat

Raja Ampat be excellent in the new world of Indonesian tourism. The charm of the tourist attractions in Indonesia is widely known by both domestic and foreign tourists. Raja Ampat itself is a collection of islands at the tip of Papua. There are four main islands here, namely Waigeo, Misool, Salawati and Batanta.

Natural wealth under the sea Raja Ampat not be doubted. Waters in these places are known as one of the best diving and snorkeling locations in the world. The Nature Conservancy even mention that about 75% of world marine life can be found in the waters of Raja Ampat. Tempat Wisata di Bogor To prove it, please prepare your dive perlengakapan and start exploring the underwater nature. October and November is called as the best time to dive here because of the weather and water conditions are ideal.

Besides diving, you also can explore the beauty of the mainland islands in the Raja Ampat. Locals will be happy to offer his services as a guide. During the trekking, you can also stop by the homes of citizens and interact directly or buy handicrafts such as statues Asmat and traditional musical instruments as a souvenir of their work.

Places in Malang Mandatory Visited

What occurs to you when you hear the word Malang? Cool? Correct. Malang is located in a mountainous area, thus making the relatively cool air and making it one of the favorite tourist destination in East Java. Apples? Correct. Tempat Wisata di Malang This fruit has become an icon of this district. Apples can easily find in here, ranging from private grounds belonging to local residents, to large plantations and agro-tourism.

Jatim Park

East Java Park I, or better known as Jatim Park I is a tourist spot in Malang is a favorite of many local and out of town visitors. With the concept of recreational and educational park, Jatim Park I offer dozens of rides that are ready to entertain you and your family. Which is characteristic of the tourist attractions is of course the pool with relief background face Ken Arok. The swimming pool can be used by adults and children in accordance with the depth that has been adjusted. In addition, the swimming pool is also equipped with a variety of water sled.

For a vehicle of education, there are Science Stadium which is outdoor and indoor laboratory containing information and demonstrations ranging from physics, biology, chemistry to mathematics. Tempat Wisata di Jakarta This vehicle is powered by PLN, Telkom and several universities in East Java. There is also Papua and East Java Ethnic Gallery which displays a collection of miniature traditional house in East Java and Papua, puppets and also many other handicrafts.

Eco Green Park

Tourist attractions in Malang is the perfect visit with the children to introduce them about the importance of maintaining the environmental balance. Eco Green Park offers educational recreation park which contains a mini zoo and information about environmental preservation.

Entering this tourist area, you will be greeted by a large elephant sculpture made from the former television. These attractions have a lot of scattered rides, to get around you can hire E-Bike at a price of 100,000 rupiah for 3 hours.

Jungle Adventure is one of the exciting rides. You will get around an artificial forest with open train. Just like that? Relax. Not just drive around, you are also invited to catch hunters of wild animals in the forest. With toy guns, you have to shoot every hunter that you see. Tempat Wisata di Bandung Foresight to see and shooting speed is needed here because you have to shoot from the running train. Hmm, exciting huh?

House upside down no less interesting. Building the house upside down with the roof down and the floor above. Not only upside on the outside, but all the furniture in it was also reversed. You like to walk on the roof like Spiderman because all furniture ranging from tables, chairs and lamps in upside position. If you quite dizzy in the House this upside, get out and look for other rides.

Transport Museum

Who said museums are boring place? The Transport Museum, you can get information on the history and development of transportation in the world in a fun way. In these places, there is a large collection of other modes of transport ranging from the bicycle, wagon, an electric car to F1 racing car.

There are 10 zones that you can explore at sites of 3.7 hectares, among others, Education Zone, Italian, English, French, Las Vegas, Germany, Hollywood, Japan, Gangster & Broadway, and of course Batavia. Tempat Wisata di Bali Each zone was made as closely as possible to the original, from the streets to the landmark trademark. This makes these zones become a favorite place to take pictures. Being around, do not forget to enjoy the culinary Floating Market which serves delicious dishes.

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For those who are experiencing hair loss due to baldness must also seek information on how to naturally grow hair bald. Hair is a crown for each person and lying there on the top part of the body. Often, people suffering from baldness to feel depressed and lose confidence. Many drugs that promised able to foster and nourish the hair bald.

However, in reality these drugs is dangerous for the body because it contains many chemical compounds. Cara Menumbuhkan Rambut Botak Treatment or treatments are most suitable for growing hair in a natural way. We could go back to view the natural world around us, that a lot of healthy ingredients to be used as medication or treatment is hair loss. Here are some tips for growing hair loss:
Natural Ways to Grow Hair Balding

How to grow hair bald
Bald Hair to Grow with Eggs

Perhaps some of the readers rarely hear about the benefits of egg yolk is to foster rambuat. In fact, the yolk is very useful for that. You can apply it on your scalp and do massage for approximately 10 to 15 minutes. After that, you can immediately wash. To eliminate the fishy smell, you can use scented shampoo.
Coconut oil for Bald Hair Grow

Coconut oil is very good for hair health known. In fact, some hair oil producers use palm oil as its main ingredient. Cara Menumbuhkan Rambut The benefits of coconut oil is to accelerate the growth of hair. In addition, dandruff can be lost quickly using coconut oil. Apply coconut oil regularly every day.
Using Green Tea Treat Baldness

Green tea is very popular in the field of health and beauty. Benefits of green tea can also be felt by those who want to grow hair. Green tea has a very high antioxidant content. The content of this can be beneficial for blood circulation to the hair. The end result, rambuat will grow faster. The trick is also very easy, perform maintenance using green tea, you can just brew. After green tea is brewed, you can directly apply it on your head. Wrap your head for 20 minutes using a towel, after which you can rinse.
Utilizing Skin Hair Grow Apples

In addition to tea, apple skin also has benefits for improving blood circulation. You can smooth the skin of this apple and then applied to all parts of the head. Apple skin can be rinsed after 20 minutes.
Overcome Hair Balding Using Pecan

Seasoning this one known by the hair experts. Hazelnut can make black hair shiny and increase kesuburuannya. Cara Membuat Rambut Cepat Panjang To use this pecan seed, you have to burn first. After charred or scorched, then this pecan seed will look greasy. Hazelnut already digosongkan is then milled and applied to all parts of the hair. Preferably, use at night and in the morning you can wash.
Utilizing Olive Oil for Hair Balding

Olive oil is also known by the world as a beauty expert olive oil. This oil is very good for beauty, especially for the skin and hair. Maintained a healthy scalp and hair growth will be faster by applying olive oil. Apply olive oil after shampooing and massage gently. Evenings would be better and let the olive oil until the morning, just after the morning you can wash and clean it.

To maintain healthy hair, you should do it consistently and regularly. Lush and healthy hair can not be obtained with just one application only. Cara Agar Rambut Cepat Panjang How to grow hair naturally bald you should select as the first option before using medicines that contain chemical compounds can damage the hair, causing dandruff, as well as the more loss.

How to Straighten Hair Without Rebonding

Many people who want to have straight hair and looked falls, especially women. With straight hair they are confident to make a more attractive appearance and increase self-confidence. However, not everyone is as lucky as sometimes those who are gifted are born with straight hair. So they take some effort to get one with rebonding.

Usually they are not so lucky is because genetically born with no hair straight hair. Then they should be a little special effort in order to have straight hair and fall. Cara Meluruskan Rambut Secara Alami So willing to make efforts in order to make it happen with rebonding technique. Hair straightening techniques by bonding or smoothing can indeed be an option. But keep in mind rebonding or smoothing will be costly and sometimes make unhealthy hair.

But for those of you who are a little skimpy budget could try the natural way. Here are some ways to straighten hair naturally can be done at home without the expensive cost. You can try it at home and without the need to think about the risk of side effects. Milk is very beneficial for your body to stay healthy and fit. Will but if you know the milk can be used as a natural way of straightening hair. To succeed you have to use whole milk instead of the powder. Use the dose with the ratio between the water and the milk is 1 to 2.

So if you use a glass of water, then you should mix them with two glasses of milk. Mix both ingredients until evenly mixed. Cara Meluruskan Rambut Keriting Put into the bottle and spray onto the head until evenly distributed. Let stand a few minutes, then rinse using a shampoo and wash again with clean water. Hair straightening hereinafter way is to use lime and coconut head. You can use lime juice or an extract lime. Take one glass of pure coconut head of the head. Mix the lime juice or lemon extract to taste.

Mix both ingredients until evenly then let stand until shaped like cream. Use coconut milk cream and lemon, to massage to all parts of the head. Let stand a few minutes or it could be by covering it with a shower cap. Cara Meluruskan Rambut Using shampoo and rinse with clean water until clean. Celery leaves can also be used as a way without rebonding hair straightening and smoothing naturally. How to make it very easy. Take a few stalks of celery leaves. Mash until smooth, add a little water and then squeeze out the water up. Put into a bottle and let stand for about one night.

Use the juice to cream bath every day. Do not forget to massage the scalp gently. Let stand a few minutes and then be immediately rinsed. Do this regularly every day. Hazelnut is extremely helpful to fertility hair. In addition hazelnut can also be used as a way straighten hair. If you do not have time to make hazelnut oil directly. You can buy walnut oil are already widely available on the market.

Its function is almost the same as when you make it yourself at home. Apply hazelnut oil on a regular basis every day. Cara Mengatasi Jerawat Beserta Bekasnya Especially when bedtime. In the morning you can rinse until clean. Those are some ways you can do to make hair become straight. The natural way does require a longer time, but the result is good and has no side effects. The way you can do at home and do not cost a lot. For maximum results, do regularly every day. Thus a little review on how to straighten hair. Congratulations to try it.

How to Whiten and Brighten Skin

Have white skin is the desire of all people in Indonesia, especially the women. Many ways in which to make your skin look bright and clean, ranging from the use of whitening soap, lotion bleach, bleach drugs, to the more extreme they do injecting bleach. Not just price alone are expensive, but the risk posed by the use of chemical drugs certainly have adverse effects for health. Yet how whiten the skin in a natural way, are actually not so difficult, if you know how.

Brighten the skin can be initiated by members of the outside of the first body such as the face, hands, and feet. This is because the body parts are more commonly seen when compared to the other limb. Many of the materials could be used, one of which is with yoghurt. Cara Memutihkan Tubuh Secara Alami Not only can whiten the skin, yogurt is also very useful to provide moisture to the skin. How to whiten skin naturally this is very easy, just use yoghurt as a face mask. You can menambahakannya with honey, and let stand for about 10 minutes. After a bit tight, clean the face kult using clean water.

In addition to materials such as yogurt, how to brighten the skin can be done by using various fruits like tomatoes and lemon. Using tomatoes for skin whitening can be done by smoothing tomatoes, can be in a blender or grated. After that, mix 3 drops of lemon juice and rose water. Stir all of the ingredients and apply on the face and neck. Wait 15 minutes and rinse thoroughly with cold water.
Skin Whitening Tips

Whiten the skin by using a little tomato takes time when compared with tips whiten the skin with lemon. No different with tomato, lemon also contains vitamin C. The vitamin C content of the existing lime is a natural lightening agent which can brighten the skin gradually. Cara Memutihkan Badan At the beginning of the use, the pain will be felt, but you do not need to panic because it was natural. When used regularly, the pain will not arise again, and white skin you will get. After whiten the face, the next step is to whiten the body in order not to look striped. How to whiten the skin this can be done using avocado or a mixture of lemon and egg. This whitening cream can you create by mixing lime juice and egg white. Whisk both the material and heat using a pot.

Wait a moment, so that the mixture looks solid. Wait until cool, and put the cream in the container. Apply the cream every time you want a shower for two times a day to brighten your skin. After 15 minutes you can take a shower, to clean up the remnants of the cream is used as a natural bleach earlier. Cara Memutihkan Ketiak In addition to the above, using jicama to whiten the skin can also be done. Is no stranger when the fruit has a white color is often used as an additive for whitening lotion kulit.Mengadopsi of it, we could use a yam that has vitamins and calcium to whiten skin. grated yam and apply enough on the whole body for skin whitening. Wait a little bit dry and then rinse thoroughly.

Substances contained in this yam not only have a property to whiten the skin only, but a natural ingredient jicama can also provide a cooling effect on the skin. membalurkan grated yam especially if this is done after we exposed to sun exposure or after returning from the beach. Cara Memutihkan Muka Well that was a way to brighten the skin in a natural way that you can follow. In addition to the material that is easy to can, how to use it is very easy. Purchase price of the material is also not expensive, and we do not need to worry about the risk for long-term use. Therefore choose the natural way although the results can not be seen instantly.

How to whiten face Naturally And Fast

Have white skin and shining is a dream for many people. Especially for a woman who always wants a perfect appearance. Not even a woman who wants white skin, sometimes there are also men who want white skin. It is not impossible women and men can get the skin clean and shining white. Lots of efforts made by the community to get a bright and shining faces.

From the traditional way to instant way even tend risky and dangerous for health. That's all they do simply because they wanted a white face and shine quickly. Cara Memutihkan Wajah Secara Cepat This time let us see together what are the ways that can be done to whiten the skin:

Already long ago, bengkoang believed to whiten the skin. Bengkoang contained in starch that is used to remove dead skin cells on the face, so that the growth of skin cells that will be aroused. Using masks bengkoang can be done 2 times a week, and do it on a regular basis to obtain maximum results.

The term mask berasmungkin sound a bit foreign to ordinary people who are new to the world of beauty. Recipes using rice flour as the flour is of Japanese women. The Japanese routinely use rice flour as a mask. Cara Memutihkan Kulit Muka dan Badan Together with yam, rice flour starch contained a substance that serves to pick-up of dead skin cells on the face, so that the skin cells that changed the face of new and kulitpun be beamed.

It turns out other than to shrink pores, it turns egg white can also be used to whiten the skin. Simply separate yolk and egg white and egg whites evenly applied to the face. Once dry, it can be rinsed with warm water. Imposition good this way regularly every night, so that efficacy more pronounced and faster to whiten the skin

In addition to using the traditional way earlier, whiten the face can also be done chemically (by prescription). Cara Menghilangkan Jerawat di Punggung Usually if you get going, but need to be aware that the drugs used creams containing mercury (including heavy metals similar to whiten oasis, a use of corticosteroids is also very necessary for the dose to be monitored. If the arbitrary use of corticosteroids, can be bad for all of them. Usually when someone is too much resolve problems in the skin.

To get instant results but the real is to do the injection of vitamin C. No dose administration of vitamin C, so pemeberiannya must also comply dose. Vitamin C can stimulate the growth of dead skin cells on the face. When pemeberian vitamin C is too much, then it could be at risk of kidney stone formation. Cara Menghilangkan Jerawat Batu This is because in vitamins, calcium contained fairly high and triggers the accumulation of calcium in the kidneys.

How, make it easy enough to whiten the skin, the most important key is routine in doing these tips above. Okay until here wrote. That's some way to whiten the face, if you want maximum results, avoid direct contact with sunlight, if it must be exposed, do not forget to make sunscreen. Hope it is useful.